Upcoming Events

  • May 2Scout Expo & Camping
    4:00 PM, Advancement
  • June 22 – June 22-28: Camp Davy Crockett
    12:00 PM, Advancement

Lake Trip This Weekend

 Two Nights of Island Camping!

  • Cost $25 (covers meals and boat fuel)
  • Meet at 4:00 p.m. On Friday

We will head out to the lake for the weekend, where we will have canoeing, motor boating, swimming, kayaking, and lots of fun!

We can accommodate folks who need to come later or leave earlier; we just need to coordinate rendezvous times at the dock. More details at tonight’s meeting.

Scouts are welcome to bring friend! Please RSVP so that we will have a head count, and Contact Us with any questions.