Upcoming Events Calendar (dates subject to change)

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Belew, Sam (Betsy) Scoutmaster
(H)(423)968-3469 524 Vance Drive  
(W)(423)764-4116 Bristol, TN 37620 email the scoutmaster
Champagne, Joe (Dolores) Assistant Scoutmaster
(C)(276)494-9639 421 Moore St email the webmaster
Bristol, VA 24201
Green, Jim (Vickie) Assistant Scoutmaster
(H)(276)669-0551 43 Greentree Circle
(W)(423)989-8125 Bristol, VA 24201
Kannon, Staci (Michael) Treasurer
(C)(423)383-4100 394 Lynnwood Drive
Bristol, VA 24201
Kistner, John (Sharon) Committee Member
(H)(276)466-8636 680 Garden Ln.
(W)(276)669-7724 Bristol, VA 24201
Mitchell, Doug (Lisa) Committee Chair
(H)(276)466-8257 808 Pearl Street
(W)(423)952-6961 Bristol, VA 24201
Rutherford, Rob Assistant Scoutmaster
(H)(423)878-4154 2656 Highway 421
(W)(423)844-2100 Bristol, TN 37620
Steve Smith (Kris) Assistant Scoutmaster
(H)(276)466-3180 305 Spring Branch Rd
Bristol, VA 24201
Tollie, David
(Susan Taylor)
Assistant Scoutmaster
(H)(276)466-619 1649 Overhill Rd
Bristol, VA 24201
Vance, Joey (Tracy)
Assistant Scoutmaster
(H)(276)466-1545 21679 Old Dominion Road
(W)(423)968-9236 X2 Bristol, VA 24202