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Continous Campfire – Klondike Derby

This is our night to tend the fire. Meet downtown at 7:00 p.m. Bring all your gear for Saturday. We will return to the church briefly to pack our Klondike sleds then head back downtown.

Scouts need basic overnight camping gear and full uniform for wear at Klondike. Weather will be moderate so dress in layers. Scouts need a warm sleeping bag (recommend rated to 20°F or colder). The troop will provide tents. Scouts also need raim gear for Saturday.  Cost for the campfire patch is $5.

Scouts should have supper before they arrive.

Saturday February 10: Klondike Derby 

Even if you didn’t stay the night, join us for breakfast buffet at the Burger Bar (bring $) at 7:00 a.m. After breakfast, we’ll get ready for the Klondike Derby which begins at 9:00 a.m. Scouts will spend the morning rotating through stations, and then they will eat lunch as patrols – contact your patrol leader to know what you’re supposed to bring. Rain gear will be essential. The afternoon session begins at 1:00, and scouts will finish up their stations. We will call for rides from the church when the Derby is over, usually a little before suppertime. Anyone who needs to come late or leave early should be sure and let Mr. Belew know.

This is an active event, and scouts will stay warm with activity, but be sure to wear warm clothes in layers for brief periods of down time. Gloves, hat, warm coat, warm socks, warm boots and rain gear are a must!

The Klondike Derby is a patrol competition, and our scouts have been preparing for the past few weeks. Your scout’s patrol NEEDS HIM. Please plan to participate!