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For a list of those members of Troop 8 that have achieved Scouting’s highest rank, see the Eagle List.

For a list of the Troop charter dates and the registered Scoutmasters through the years, see From the Charters. This shows Charter renewals, chairmen, and some information on other adult leadership.


Prepared by Ron Crockett

September 8, 2004

Boy Scout Troop 8 has been sponsored by State Street United Methodist Church for nearly 75 years. Many Troop leaders have also been leaders of State Street through the years. Those individuals were involved because they valued the character building in youth that Scouting espouses. Moreover, some former Scouts continued their involvement as Scout and Church leaders.

During the 1970’s, Wesley Davis, a member and leader of State Street Church for many years and a Scout Executive in his early years, recounted that State Street’s first Scout Troop was around the time of World War I, but it only existed a few years. Unfortunately, no documentation has been found to substantiate the existence of that Troop during those years (records from the Scout Council office were lost in a fire years ago, and Troop archives only go back to 1951). The traditional “good turn” idea in the scouting program gained momentum among the Bristol Boy Scout Troops during World War I, and the Scouts were very active in the sale of War Bonds. John N. Huntsman, a member of State Street Church and one of Bristol’s leading citizens, bought a War Bond from every Scout who called on him. Mr. Huntsman is also the namesake for the Huntsman Endowment Fund of State Street UMC.

What can be documented from a 1948 issue of the Bristol Herald Courier is that Troop 8 was formed at State Street Church in 1929 and been in almost continuous service since that time. Harry M. Piper served as the first Scoutmaster, and O.L. Darter was the committee chairman. Included here is a list of leaders from the Troop Charters on file. State Street old timers will remember many of these names and various other contributions these persons made to our church. Anyone who can recall other Scout leaders during the early years should contact the Historical Committee with that information.

Records from 1967 to 1979 have been lost, but David Woody and Dale Gordon shared the Scoutmaster and leadership of the Troop from 1967 to 1969, and Larry Smith served as Explorer Advisor during the same time. Harold Tipton and W.W. “Bill” Belew were committee members and supporters during those years, and Martin Hassinger could always be counted on for financial support when needed. C.J. Crowell followed as Scoutmaster until 1972, serving as an Explorer Advisor in 1973. Bill Belew took over as Scoutmaster in 1972 and continued until early 1975, assisted by Ron Crockett and others. Dr. C.D. Cash served as Scoutmaster from 1975 until 1979, assisted by Bob Cheers, Ron Crockett and others. Cheers and Crockett continued as Assistant Scoutmasters after Ralph Corrin became the Scoutmaster in 1979, and W.G. “Wink” Steele began to assist in the early 1980’s. Walter Arnold served on the Troop Committee in various capacities, including Chairman, during some of this time.

Troop 8 has enjoyed a reputation for many years as one of the stronger troops in the area. There have been 51 Eagle Scouts since 1979, and photos of most of those individuals can be viewed outside the Fellowship Hall. Since 1987 when Sam Belew became the current Scoutmaster, 38 Scouts have achieved this distinction.