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Summer Camp, 2011

Eagle Court of Honor, May 2011

Cabin Trip-CDC, Jan 2011

Court of Honor, Oct. 2010

Fall Camporee 2010

Creeper Trail Bike/Camp August 2010

Cabin Trip @ CDC Jan 2010
Eagle Scouts 2009
Eagle Scout Court of Honor 2009
USS Yorktown KOA Pool

Spring Trip, 2009: Patriots Point
left from Mr. Champagne  & right from Mr. Rutherford

Continuous Campfire / Klondike Derby 2009 Backpacking Trip: Old Orchard 2008

Camporee 2008

Philmont Crew 2008

Camp Davy Crockett June 2008

May 2008 Court of Honor
75th Anniversary Court of Honor, 2008

Klondike Derby, 2008

2008 Spring Trip: Norfolk

Natural Tunnel Trip, 2007

Outer Banks Trip, 2007